Big thrills at UK’s biggest theme park

UK's biggest theme park
Photo:Flickr/ Rogerbarker2

As the long winter season draws to an end, Britain’s theme park opens its gates once again, this year revealing new, bigger, scarier rides  as well as continuing to draw in large crowds on its reputation of existing attraction. As Alton Towers unveils it’s newest thriller experience,  Nemesis Sub-Terra in March  there is a lot to keep Britain’s thrill seekers entertained in 2012.

Alton Towers is the UK’s biggest and most acclaimed theme park, this theme park has been attracting visitors since 1860 to its large and attractive gardens, although the gardens are still there today and continue to be well maintained, the park attracts an altogether different kind of visitor. Screams of delight and terror pierce the air as people are whirled around some of the most innovative theme park rides to date. Experience the flying sensation as your dangle with your face sometimes to the floor and sometimes to the sky on Air, or take some stomach twisting turns on the Spinball Whizzer, or maybe brave the vertical plunge of Oblivion. If extraordinary sensations aren’t your thing and the thought of being spun around and suspended upside down sends shivers down your spine, there are plenty more relaxing things to do, such as the spa breaks and the water park as well as gentler rides and of course a walk through the castle and grounds.

Where to stay: The theme park does have its own hotel facilities The Splash Landings Hotel, which gives you 2 days of theme park for the price of 1. Alternatively around the local area Ilam Hall Youth Hostel is a lovely alternative in the beautiful settings of Dovedale on the edge of the peak district, if you want to make a longer trip of your visit, and keep your accommodation costs down and explore the surrounding areas.