Travelling with Children: Feeding them whilst away (Part 3)

Photo: Flickr/ Lownote
Photo: Flickr/ Lownote

Welcome to the final installment of my guide to keeping the whole family satisfied on holiday. We hope that you have found all our tips useful so far! Today we will be telling you how to feed the family on a budget whilst you’re away on holiday…

I spend a lot of time trawling visitor websites for every town I’m interested in visiting and finding cool places to eat out whilst I’m away and I’m always overwhelmed by the amount of restaurants that offer “Kids Eat Free” menus; these restaurants will make your holiday experience much more relaxed rather than trying to head to the most expensive or critically acclaimed restaurants in town where the staff are not quite so accustomed to children. If there’s a time to go out to Michelin Starred or award winning restaurants, the family holiday is not the time to do it. For the really organized and food savvy families, find accommodation which gives you free use of the kitchen. Here you can sit down to family dinner as you would at home, whilst keeping the costs down, but still enjoying all your family favourites, but do remember you’re on holiday, you don’t have to be a domestic god or goddess ALL the time, take a night off at least once on your holiday and try and some of the local treats on offer.


Finally it is most important to remember to relax. Going on holiday isn’t an arctic expedition, and stressing will only make you stress more. Laugh when little things go wrong, but organization and preparation are your best friends!