Staying safe on holiday Part 2

Staying safe on holiday

If you’re travelling with children and want to go out at night, find out as much as you can about hiring a nanny for the evening and make sure you keep a phone with you so that they can contact you in case of an emergency. Leaving your children alone in a hotel room can leave them open to all sorts of dangers, especially if the security isn’t that high.

Safety in the sun; for many British travelers our lack of sunshine often leads us to go a bit crazy when it comes to stripping down and lying under the sun. I have been travelling enough in the UK and abroad to have heard plenty of horror stories about people who have lain in the sun for too long and got third degree burns from having fallen asleep with no sun cream or suffered heat stroke due to not being used to the higher temperatures. Even on holiday in the UK, if it’s one of those rare hot days, we can often be liable to underestimate the power of the sun and forego sun cream altogether. You only have to read the back of your bottle of sun cream lotion to see that you should avoid lying in the sun between 11am and 3pm. Pay special attention to children and make sure that they are regularly topped up with sun cream between swimming and playing about. Also pay attention to your skin tone. For someone who is very fair, use a higher factor sun cream, between 40 and 50 SPF whilst darker skin tones can get away with as little as a 15 or 20SPF sun cream without burning. Also pay attention to how much you are drinking in hotter weather. Keep a bottle of water handy and take regular sips to stop you getting dehydrated and to prevent the risk of sun stroke.

So use your common sense, pay attention to your surroundings, if a situation feels dangerous, trust your instincts and stay out of danger. Make sure you always have money to get a taxi in case of an emergency and make sure that you have all the appropriate insurance if something should go wrong. Remember that although you’re on holiday, danger doesn’t cease to exist.