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Glamping- the cooler way to camp

Camping is a word which over the last couple of decades, has evolved to mean something other than pitching canvas in stormy weather, damp sleeping bags and passing around baked beans in a pan. Today you can stay in a tent fully equipped with electricity, nothing less than luxury showers and sleep in a bed under a duvet that’s not on a dusty ground sheet, and so “glamping” was born, when the glamour of hotels, meets the simplicity of an outdoor holiday.

Glamping has several degrees of glamour. From a canvas tent with typical camp beds which still provide the basics for cookery (often a gas hob and grill), to small wooden pods complete with an en-suite bathroom and linen provided. There is of course the traditional mobile home, which in itself has evolved, more due to competition between rival camping companies ( this is a trend mostly springing up around European campsites as the main camping companies Keycamp, Eurocamp and Canvas Holidays compete for their customer’s affections), however the British are now applying these trends to their own turf and many campsites have lots of unique and interesting huts popping up all over the place boasting hotel quality stays in Britain’s back garden.

Starting with the basics, I shall outline the canvas options for the hardiest of our “Glampers”. This genre of Glamper enjoys the outdoors and still wants to feel like they’re camping but with a few more comforts than a standard DIY tent pitch. Popular canvas options include tee-pees, yurts and wig-wams. Many of the camp sites providing these have already gone the extra mile for you and provided everything you’ll need! Woodland Tipis in Herefordshire include double beds, mattresses and a chimnea or wood burning stove depending on whether you choose a Yurt or a Tipi.

At mid-range, more solid accommodation can be found in a variety of formats, from renting your own VW Camper in Cornwall, to something that resembles a garden shed in Cumbria, the basic solid glamping can be a sturdy affair. The Bivouac campsite in North Yorkshire has a very strong eco-ethos which gives the campsite that extra special environmental touch. The campsite blends into the local surroundings perfectly and has a choice of charming rustic shacks and yurts to choose from. More recently it has installed a hot tub for the campsite users to enjoy!

At the most glamourous end of the spectrum, glamping can now include huts with 4 poster beds and tents with their own warm running water supply. Jollydays camping have some of the biggest and luxurious camping yet. Their tents are supplied with fully operational kitchens, have separate living rooms, dining areas and bedrooms, and some are supplied with double beds. Similar luxuries can be found at Shepherd’s Huts in Kent, where the camping huts come with en-suite and they even offer to deliver cosy couples an evening meal so that they can really enjoy each other’s company.

So they’re really is a Glamping style for every attitude, taste and budget, so now you know your options, Go Glamping!