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How to organise a staff weekend away

Many perks of staff across the UK is not just how enjoyable office or workplace life is, but on extra provisions provided to improve communication and trust within the company. For this reason, doing a team building weekend away can be the perfect solution to uniting the team and further increasing your team’s incentive to be as productive as possible. Luckily we live in a country where there are many incentives equipped to deal with staff trips out!

Firstly, establish what your goal for the weekend is. Perhaps you have noticed that with your company targets your employees are feeling under pressure and that all they need is a boost through a trip away to the countryside.  Perhaps you have noticed that your staff members are not communicating with each other as well as they should be and need to get to know one another outside of the office to come to some understanding. Organising an event in which as many can take part in as possible is the key to ensuring that your business is a fun place to work and that the staff are all on good terms and more willing to help each other out.

Activity breaks are often the best way for helping staff to establish connections with each other. Doing outdoor sports such as water sports and climbing will not only give your staff the chance to get outdoors, but also to support each other through physically challenging tasks and helping each other to overcome new heights or fears, which will essentially be a trust building exercise.  Avoid doing competitive sports such as races or matches, as this may cause unwanted rivalry in the company and may undo the objectives which you set out with.

Head to one of the UK’s many national parks where there are many outdoor activity centres, which often have nearby accommodation. When choosing a place to stay, try and make it a unique experience for your staff. Avoid hotel chains; as if you make it an annual trip, your customer loyalty may be rewarded financially or service wise by smaller companies who will go to greater lengths to get you back as you are bringing them large business. Also make sure you have a variety of rooms available. Some of your staff may be willing to share a room with your coworkers whilst others may not be so keen, so make sure that there is the option to be in a single or shared room, but encourage staff to stay together so as to build stronger relationships.

When choosing food, make sure that there is food available for special dietary requirements. Whilst making your reservation, ask your staff to submit their food preferences and any foods they need to avoid so that your caterer can be well prepared to provide for vegetarians and people with allergies!

Finally as a word of caution, remind yourself and your staff that although this is a bit of a holiday and should mostly be treated as such, that good behavior is still necessary as it reflects upon your company. Avoid drinking too much in front of your staff, as any misdemeanors under the influence may leave you having to recover your reputation for many years after!