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Staying safe on holiday

Whether you’re going away in the UK or going away abroad, personal safety is often overlooked as many travelers are too busy looking at the local sites and getting to know new people to be aware of the potential dangers going on around them. Here are a few useful tips for self preservation whilst you’re away. 

Before going on holiday it is important to read up about the culture of the place you’re going to. Getting clued up on the local laws (especially if you’re going abroad to somewhere where many laws are based on strict religious practices and tourist activities are often frowned upon). Understanding and respecting the culture of your destination is the key to keeping you safe.

For couples or if you meet somebody whilst you’re away, it is important not to get too carried away with each other in public. Over the last few years, the newspapers are getting increasingly full of stories that have been caught and imprisoned for indecent behavior in public, especially in countries such as Dubai where religion is the rule of thumb!

For women, paying attention to how you dress really influence your safety. Although on holiday you want to relax and get a tan, wearing too few clothes is often seen as an invitation for men to approach you and you may put yourself at greater risk of being harassed. Avoid wearing short skirts and low cut tops and instead aim for something light and cotton which will still cover you up or opt for the timeless maxi dress trend which still is feminine and pretty, but keeps you cool and covered head to toe. It is also safer for women to travel in groups or with a male companion as you are less likely to be approached and get into a spot of trouble.

Paying attention at night is of the utmost importance. Watch how much you are drinking and keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water in between alcoholic beverages. Inebriation not only leads to accidents whilst abroad, but can land you in all sorts of trouble, especially if you end up getting into brawls or behave in a disorderly fashion. If you’re out with a group of friends, try and stick together and make sure you all have a key or will agree upon a meeting point should you get separated. Agree to watch out for each other and if anyone gets into trouble, take them home and give them plenty of water. Similarly, avoid drugs at all costs whilst abroad. Many people have been arrested whilst trying to leave the country having not even taken any drugs and having traces of powder on their shoes or clothing. Try and stay out of situations where there is heavy use of drugs and don’t try anything new as you don’t know how you will react or what is in it.