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Tuesday Newsday- Second Costa Cruise Disaster

The second Costa Cruise ship to have stopped functioning within the past month was last night awaiting rescue as a fire in the generators caused all electricity to cut out and the ship’s engine’s to cease function.

The Costa Allegra, which left Mauritius and was headed for Seychelles, lost all power after a fire in one of the generators. Although all 636 passengers and 413 crew were reported to be in good health, the ship was still in danger, as it was drifting about 200 miles from Seychelles’ port in an area where Somalian pirates operate.

The first rescue vessel was not expected to reach the vessel until about 11pm last night, but Cosimo Nacastro, the Italian Coastguard commander, was assured by the ship’s captain that the fire danger was over and everyone was well. Fortunately the ship’s communication was still in order due to a second emergency generator.

The Costa Allegra, a ship owned by Costa Cruises, is the second cruise ship PR catastrophe for this company still sore from  the wounds of last month, when the Costa Concordia ran aground killing 32 people and injuring many more. The company has many legal bills following the Costa Concordia tragedy and the ship’s captain, Francesco Shettino is under investigation for manslaughter for being “culpably unaware” of the situation.