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Try out London’s celebrity chef restaurants

London has the most concentrated number of celebrity chef owned restaurants in the UK. Restaurants such as Ramsay’s, Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck and Marco Pierre White’s L’Escargot attract visitors from all over the country and even globally who want to sample the delights they’ve seen on the television.

Choosing a restaurant to splurge on can be a very difficult process. Firstly you will want to consider your company, the waiting list for tables (for many celebrity restaurants you may have to book weeks or maybe months in advance), as well as your budget. Choosing a taster course may be the best option, as it gives you the opportunity to sample things you may never have experienced before. Heston Blumenthal’s taster menu is famous for his unusual methods and interesting ingredients as well as his interesting presentation. Use of liquid nitrogen in his kitchen production line as well as presenting dishes with I-pod headphones attached has sparked the interests of many curious guests. Ramsay’s on the other hand is renowned for attentive staff, beautiful presentation and use of the finest ingredients.

Now obviously not every budget is suited to this expensive fanfare, and you don’t have to get guidebook rated for some top-notch grub. For something cheaper the availability of cuisine from all over the world is seemingly endless. If your trip to London isn’t so foodie oriented and you’re desperate to get around every art gallery in town, there are of course many places you can pick up food on the go, pop into the smaller kebab and burger outlets, hot dog stands and panini bars as well as the nation’s favourite fish & chips!

After a several course meal, accompanied by several glasses of wine, you’re going to be feeling a little woozy, so booking a place to stay after an evening of indulgence will be the wisest and most convenient option. In London, the choice of places to stay is very extensive. There is the luxurious and expensive, as well as the cheap and basic, but searching for a bed for the night needn’t be difficult! For luxury overnight stays in the centre, you could be paying a lot. There are many famous hotels in London, most notably The Ritz, which has featured in many films and is famous for an exquisite experience in dining and hospitality. Rooms here start at just over 300 pounds per night, which would not suit most budgets, but if you truly want to splurge, this is a Great British experience to be had! At the other end of the spectrum, cheap hostel stays start at just over ten pounds per night but if you want a private suite you could be paying triple this. For central locations, you can pay between 100GBP and 200GBP per night. Try the popular Bayswater at Hyde Park, which has been recommended for its comfortable 4* bedrooms, free wifi and its own superb cocktail bar!