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Levitating house on dunes

Situated on the edge of an Area of Outstanding natural beauty in Thorpeness, on the Suffolk coast levitating house on dunes, so called ‘Dune house’ is an excellent combination of local buildings style and a character of the dunes. Its construction is modern, but fits perfectly to the cultural and natural context of the surrounding area. It was designed and completed in 2011 by British company Mole Architects together with young Norwegian practice Jarmund Visgnaes Architects.

One of the starting points for this project was the complicated roof geometry, which draws attention from the seaside strip houses with an eclectic range of dormer windows and gables and seems to levitate. It is made mostly of solid wood, cladding stained dark, like other buildings on that coast. Building seems to be divided in two different parts – the dark and pointed roofscape and the bright ground floor level, which is set into the dunes to protect it from the strong winds. On this level dominates concrete, glass and aluminium. Big sliding doors on the corners open the corners and emphasize the floating appearance of the top floor.

You can watch a video of an interview with Hakon Vigsnaes here, on the living-architecture.co.uk website.