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Follow the roman road: A walking holiday along Hadrian’s Wall

If you’re up for a walking challenge whilst exploring some of Britain’s Roman past, following the walk along Hadrian’s Wall might be the ideal short break for you. The 84 mile route can either be taken from East or West England, starting at Segedenum Roman Fort at Wallsend on Tyne and ending at Bowness-on-Solway in Cumbria and usually takes about seven days to complete.

Along the way there are many things to see and take in. The wall itself is well preserved in many parts and the historical remains are very interesting to look at, as well as many natural environmental features along the way which make the wall so interesting to look at, such as the Solway Salt Marshes and the Roman Fort at Sedgedunum in Wallsend.

Finding accommodation along the way is very easy as many of the bed and breakfasts along the route are used to “Wall walkers” and will give you a comfortable place and a good breakfast to match. Many walkers do of course choose to camp, and there is plenty to choose from. Try out the Hadrian’s Wall Camping, where you can sleep in a camping barn whilst completing the walk. Another fun camping stop is at Herding Hill Farm at  Haltwhistle in Northumberland, where you can meet and greet the farming animals, which include llamas and you can even stay in a Wigwam if you haven’t already brought your own tent.

Whilst I can’t recommend any particular places to stay due to everyone having varying itineraries, useful websites such as the National Trail Website can help you to plan an itinerary and you can plan your overnight stays depending on how far you think you are capable of going in a day. Some walkers are daring enough to just play it by ear and see what they can find on route, however for the less seasoned Wall walkers, I would suggest careful advanced planning, and testing out what the local accommodation has to offer as you will most likely find yourself very happy to receive the warmth that many of these Northern establishments have to offer!

Big thrills at UK’s biggest theme park

As the long winter season draws to an end, Britain’s theme park opens its gates once again, this year revealing new, bigger, scarier rides  as well as continuing to draw in large crowds on its reputation of existing attraction. As Alton Towers unveils it’s newest thriller experience,  Nemesis Sub-Terra in March  there is a lot to keep Britain’s thrill seekers entertained in 2012.

Alton Towers is the UK’s biggest and most acclaimed theme park, this theme park has been attracting visitors since 1860 to its large and attractive gardens, although the gardens are still there today and continue to be well maintained, the park attracts an altogether different kind of visitor. Screams of delight and terror pierce the air as people are whirled around some of the most innovative theme park rides to date. Experience the flying sensation as your dangle with your face sometimes to the floor and sometimes to the sky on Air, or take some stomach twisting turns on the Spinball Whizzer, or maybe brave the vertical plunge of Oblivion. If extraordinary sensations aren’t your thing and the thought of being spun around and suspended upside down sends shivers down your spine, there are plenty more relaxing things to do, such as the spa breaks and the water park as well as gentler rides and of course a walk through the castle and grounds.

Where to stay: The theme park does have its own hotel facilities The Splash Landings Hotel, which gives you 2 days of theme park for the price of 1. Alternatively around the local area Ilam Hall Youth Hostel is a lovely alternative in the beautiful settings of Dovedale on the edge of the peak district, if you want to make a longer trip of your visit, and keep your accommodation costs down and explore the surrounding areas.