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Travelling with children tips (part 2)

Our second bite-sized plan of attack for keeping the kids entertained on holiday will tell you how to keep the costs down and pack for every eventuality.

Family holiday costs can rack up pretty quickly and there is a lot to take into consideration, so it is important to try and keep it cheap. Take advantage of “kids go free” offers, many of which you can find online with voucher codes. Don’t always feel that in order to have fun you have to pay for things. Around the UK there is a lot of stuff to do for free. There are more than 2500 museums in Britain which are free to enter, as well as churches and just seeing man made structures from the outside such as interesting bridges, castle ruins and private buildings. Don’t forget the resources that Mother Nature gave us to enjoy either. Beaches, forest trails and lakes can provide hours of entertainment collecting pebbles, net fishing or bicycle rides and walking will give you plenty of exercise and fresh air.

Packing for the children is one of the most important parts of the holiday. Making a pre-holiday list and sticking to it will help you not to forget anything. Involve them in the process as you can help each other remember the important things whilst going through the list. It’s not just the clothing that’s important, but if your child has special medication or a favourite toy it’s also important to remember these. Your child will need a much higher SPF sun cream than you, and no matter their skin tone, you must make sure they’re protected from harmful UV rays. Take a spray as it’s much more fun and easy to use, and tends to be a lot less sticky! Safety items are also important. Perhaps the place you are staying doesn’t have safety gates for toddlers, or your child needs arm bands or a float. Buying these things in resort can get very expensive, so check out what you have lying around the house.

More light-hearted family travel tips are on their way tomorrow! Join us in our final installment as we tell you how to feed the family whilst you’re away

A cycling vacation: A good New Years’ resolution

It’s that time of the year where you are struggling to eat another salad, the leftover Christmas chocolate is still tempting you, and your resolutions are slowly breaking down. However, our resolutions shouldn’t be seen as a daunting task, and can even be fun and invigorating. So why not take a cycling holiday?

Cycling is a fun and healthy way to exercise. It can be used as a mode of transport as well as helping the environment with less emissions. Cycling not only improves your cardiovascular health but also your fitness. The sport suits those with arthritis of the lower limbs as they do not cause impact to the knees and other joints.

The UK offers many scenic routes that are worth cycling. Here are some highlights of the UK cycling scene:

Whitehaven to Whitby passes through the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors National Parks following quiet country lanes, stopping in interesting quaint towns like Keswick and Appleby.

Throughout the Yorkshire Wolds you will witness breathtaking sceneries of gently rolling chalk hills and valleys. There are an array of minsters and abbeys to be seen in the many small towns and villages that you will cycle through, including Pocklington and Beverley.

If castles and vineyards sound like your cup of tea, look no further than Suffolk, where a relaxed cycling tour will take you through quiet rural market towns such Framlingham for some real relaxation.

Cycle around Norfolk by starting from the extraordinary Breckland Heaths, to the beautiful coast of North Norfolk coast, and finally to the famous Broads.

A variety of tours exist, so make sure that you pick a tour which is either challenging enough for your stamina, or if you prefer a more gentler pace, is not too heavy going.

Travelling with animals

When making arrangements  for holidays, it is important to remember our pets. It’s better to start thinking about it in advance, as it may take some time. There are a few things to remember when preparing for travelling with animals.
The first step is actually considering if it is worthwhile for our cat or dog to come with us. For many animals it would mean a big change in routine and environment that they will not be prepared for. Quite a lot depends on the means of transport and how the animal bears the journey. Some dogs love being in the car where other would get sick or bark all the time. There is no need to put yourself and your pet under such stress. Especially during holidays. If it is not possible to guarantee safety and comfort, it may be better to leave your dog in a dog hotel, or organise a responsible person to take care of it. Maybe a friend or a relative could move in for a week, or your pet could stay with someone while you’re away.

If you decide to take your dog with you, try to prepare it for the journey. Following these simple rules will ensure comfort for animal and the human occupants of the car.

1.  Make sure your dog gets used to the car: take it for short drives to the shops for example. If it gets sick ask your vet for advice and remember not to feed the dog too much before the departure.

2. Prepare a comfortable spot for the animal, take some toys and of course a bowl and a bottle of water.

3. Some dogs love travelling on the passenger’s lap – take a blanket that will make it easier and more comfortable for the animal and the human as well.

4. Stop regularly for a walk and some water and ensure good ventilation in the car.
When it comes to accommodation, not every hotel, cottage or summer house allows their guests have their four legged friends with them. When booking an accommodation remember to confirm that and make sure your dog will be comfortable at the destination. Consider taking their favourite bed or blanket. Check if dogs are allowed on the local beach or in the park and if not, what are the possibilities of leaving the animal at home. Remember, they are on holiday too.

There is a wide range of pet-friendly lets across Great Britain. It is possible to choose a location with a rural part of country or national parks that offer trails where the dog can accompany you on some of the walks. It is a great opportunity for trekking lovers who like taking their dogs along. If you plan your holidays carefully it can be a great time not only for you, but also for your beloved pet. There are many places to visit (outdoor and indoor), stay and eat where your dog is welcomed too, so the whole family can enjoy the time spent together.