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Sheffield, UK


No longer an industrial city of the Industrial Revolution, Sheffield has reinvented itself as a cosmopolitan and interesting city with lots to offer visitors. What to see: The Millennium Galleries is made up of galleries like the Craft and Design … Continue reading

Cornwall part 2, UK

Cornwall Part 2

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed the first part on Cornwall. Things to do: Minack Theatre is an outdoor theatre that was built by hand into the side of cliff which looks over the sea. The theatre includes a museum … Continue reading

Cornwall, UK


A popular holiday destination, there’s more to Cornwall than just clotted cream, smuggling and King Arthur. Where to go: Cornwall’s only city Truro has a wonderful Gothic revival cathedral. Wth its three soaring spires and the grandest stained glass project … Continue reading

Travel & Holiday Ideas

Travel & Holiday Ideas

Are you having trouble planning your holidays this year? Why not start looking online? There are literally hundreds of great travel forums on the Internet which offer the keen holiday maker unlimited ideas for a new vacation or holiday break. … Continue reading


Bournemouth (Part 2)

Thanks for coming back. I hope you enjoyed the first part on Bournemouth. Things to do: Bournemouth has a number of exciting festivals. The Bournemouth Carnival Week was originally known as Bournemouth Regatta Week and has been over a hundred … Continue reading

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